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Edem Resort

Edem Resort - a small paradise for your stay in Porto Cheli

Edem Resort is a small paradise for your stay in Porto Heli.

The garden of Eden was freely given by God to the people full of beautiful fruit bearing trees, lovely flowers with enchanting aromas and a river to irrigate the plants of Heaven. It had everything men needed to live well and full of happiness. This earthly paradise was God's gift to man, who had no reason to want to leave from there.

Edem Resort was created to serve as a small piece of paradise in Porto Heli, where guests will live unforgettable moments and create beautiful memories. The name was not given at random –Edem is the Greek word for Eden- as both the area of Porto Heli with its incredible beauty of the landscapes, the crystal clear waters and long history as well as the facilities of our unit with the plethora of benefits that satisfy even the most demanding guest, confirm this choice of ours.

The magical combination of the lush pine forest and the crystal waters of the Ververonda golf uniquely decorate our facilities which are only minutes away from the center of Porto Heli and the area's picturesque harbor.

And most importantly, warm hospitality is guiding principle that we as hosts consciously choose for Edem Resort.

Therefore, what remains is for you to visit us in order to live the dream; a paradise experience. And we are sure that you will return...