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Edem Resort


The area of Porto Heli with the variety of pictures that make it a paradise on earth provides all visitors of the Edem Resort the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities offered in the surrounding area. With a brief look the traveler can satisfy his every single desire as the range of options is huge and hardly exhaustible.

The local beaches are full of life during the summer months since they are filled with people enjoying the crystal clear turquoise waters in combination with the lush landscapes of the Argolis land. Do not forget to visit the beach of Ververonda, Porto Heli, Hinitsa, Costa, Saint Aimilianos, Gold Coast, Kounoupi, Doroufi, Thyni, Limanakia, Lepitsa, Ermioni, Petrothalassa, Korakia and Dardiza. You will surely find a beach to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, organized beaches where you can enjoy your coffee or your drink while relaxing on a sun lounger and beaches where water sports fans will have the opportunity to highly raise their adrenaline. The area is ideal for diving, spear-fishing and water skiing schools, while lovers of amateur fishing are not left unsatisfied. The truth is that nature and her gifts as well as the authorized bodies of the organized beaches will meet every single desire that you may have.


The area offers a number of attractions for any visitor of Edem Resort wishing to see them. The remnants of the Ancient City of Halieis dating from 468B.C. witness the glorious and long history of Porto Heli. A walk in the area of Kranidi enables you to admire the manors with their unique architecture that adorn the area, with the unique cobble stone alley streets that surround them creating a scene of unsurpassed beauty, an indication of the glorious history of the area. Do not forget to visit the Town Hall, the Library, the Folklore Center, the Well Tower, the Windmills and the olive presses. A visit to Hermioni is also considered essential in which, amongst others, you will admire the ruins of the Cyclopean Walls, the History and Folklore Museum and the Pine Forest of Bisti, while you can enjoy your coffee or a Greek mezé (culinary delight) in one of the seaside shops in the area. For the lovers of religious monuments the area offers unique thrills: the Temple of Saint Aimilianos built on an excellent position overlooking the island of Spetses and Hydra and bathed by the blue waters of the Saronic Gulf (a temple chosen by many intended spouses for the most important moment of their lives because of the exceptional landscape and its specific architecture), Saint John the Baptist (Kranidi), Monastery of Saint Anargyroi (Ermioni) which is built on the site of the ancient temple of Asclepius, the Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Koilada), Agia Triada (Holy Trinity, Pikrodafni) with a history of 1244, the Avgo Byzantine Monastery (Saint Dimitrios) at the mountain Didyma. Moreover, the generosity of nature has blessed the area and provides the opportunity to the visitors to acquire contact with nature. It is now considered essential to visit the Franchthi cave, the Didyma Cave (Dolines) as well as to walk at the Katafiki Gorge and the refreshing Papoulia without forgetting the beautiful uninhabited islet of Hinitsa and the imaginary landscape of Saint Aimilianos where the natural beauty combined with the exceptional architecture of the houses adorn the area and Porto Heli, not unfairly, has earned the title of the "Greek Riviera".

Saronic Islands:

A visit to the area could not but include an excursion to the islands of Spetses, Hydra and Poros. Their contribution to Greek history, the stunning scenery, the beautiful beaches, the fully organized tourist facilities combined with the proximity of these islands to Porto Heli and the continuous service to and from them, provide to all of the visitors of the Edem Resort another challenge to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Do not forget to get informed about the "Miaoulia" and the "Armata" events; they will surely create for you unforgettable memories…